Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? A Question That Needs an Answer

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads have always raised a question among marketers – Which one should I use?

Businesses view both of them as hard competitors and some even say one is better than the other. However, the truth is far from reality.

Both of them offer certain advantages and work in two different ways and are both are essential for online marketing. AdWords and Facebook ads both work hand-in-hand in generating more visibility for a business.

Feature-wise breaking down, Google AdWords and Facebook ads showcase the following:

  1. Targeting Audience

AdWords and Facebook both offer location-based and demographics as targeting options to marketers. Besides they offer other ways like:

  • AdWords

The primary way in which advertisers can target their audience is through keywords. Based in relevant keywords, marketers can make their ads appear to users when they search with these. Moreover, it also gives businesses the option to exclude specific keywords to narrow down the target audience even more.

Through AdWords marketers can even target users based on the device they are using – mobile, computer, or tablet.

Further, they get the option to showcase their ads to users based on their language preferences.

  • Facebook ads

Facebook lets businesses target their audience based on pages they have liked, interests, and hobbies. Moreover, marketers can also reach their audience on the basis of the latter’s previous actions.

In addition, businesses can reach audience that have similar preference with their current followers.

  1. Return of Interest (ROI)

AdWords and Facebook ads offer different ROI to businesses, some of which are:

  1. Click Through Rate

AdWords offers a CTR of 2% while Facebook around 0.9%

  1. Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate for AdWords is 2.35% while for Facebook it is between 1% – 2%.

  • Average Cost Per Click

Average CPC for AdWords ranges from $0.35 to $5 and fro Facebook it remains under $1.

  1. Cost Per Thousand Impressions

Cost per thousand impressions in AdWords is $2.75 while for Facebook it ranges between $0.80 – $1.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketers get to use the following features when using AdWords and Facebook ads –

  • AdWords

Google offers the option to marketers to optimize text ads for both iOS and Android devices. Further, marketers can also choose a budgeting option for both mobiles and tablets. Around 46.8% ad revenue of Google comes from mobile marketing.

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook lets it marketers optimize ads that contain media for both iOS and Android. Around 21.7% of Facebook’s total ad revenue comes from mobiles.

Advantages of Google AdWords:    

  1. Google AdWords can reach around 90% of all internet users around of the world.
  2. It can cater to around 2.6 billion searches per month.
  3. With ad extensions, marketers can also showcase contact details, location, and product images.
  4. AdWords is the largest and most widely online marketing platform in the internet.

Advantages of Facebook ads:

  1. Facebook ads can reach around 43.8% of all internet users in the world.
  2. This social media has around 1.55 billion monthly active users, making it the largest on the world.
  3. Facebook lets marketers base their ads on images and videos.

Experts recommend advertisers to use both Google AdWords and Facebook ads to reach wider audience. Both can contribute significantly in making a business more visible and generate more leads. Other suggestions would be to buy instagram likes, facebook page likes and so on… these will further aid towards your final goal.