Sitka Museums & Cultural Centers

Sitka, Alaska has a long history and encompasses Native and Russian heritage and culture. Experience its history when you visit any or all of the following museums, cultural centers and tours:

Sheldon Jackson Museum – Alaska’s oldest museum is said to be housing the world’s oldest and best collection of Alaska native artifacts gathered from all regions of the state. Plan to allow extra time to view this outstanding collection and don’t forget to peek into the drawers and cabinets.

Sitka National Historic Park and Cultural Center – This beautiful 107 acre rainforest park is a preservation of the site of a Tlingit Indian Fort and an important battle fought between the Russians and the Tlingit in 1804. A fine collection of Totem Poles dot the oceanside trail as it meanders through the forest, hence, also known as Totem Pole Park. The park offers an outstanding culture center and small museum. Be sure to watch the park’s fifteen minute video on the Tlingit and Russian battle.

Sitka Historical Museum – Located downtown in Harrigan Centennial Hall is packed with treasures from Sitka’s rich past. You’ll enjoy the realistic diorama of the Russian Fort during Sitka’s Russian era.

Tlingit Dance Performance and Tours – The Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Tlingit Native Dancers invite you to sit around the fire pit inside their beautiful traditional clan house to hear the steady drumbeat of their grandfathers’ songs. Take a Sitka Tribal Tour and explore the rich Tlingit culture and historic sites.

Alaska Raptor Center – Dedicated to the making a life-or-death difference on Alaska’s injured birds of prey (raptors). Visitors are welcome to tour the center; attend educational presentations and visit the gift shop where the proceeds go to support bald eagles. Learn how you can adopt a bald eagle and more at the Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center.

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