Kayaking in Sitka Alaska

Not everyone lives in an area where kayaking is available as a local sport or tourist attraction. Sitka on the other hand offers some of the finest sea kayaking in the world providing visitors the opportunity to view and learn about the area’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Whether you go it alone or hire a guide, kayaking the many islands and bays provides visitors a unique perspective to our island wonder.

Sitka Alaska Things to Do

(photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)

Sea explorers can find outfitters for gear rental. Previous skill isn’t necessary as our local outfitters will provide training in order for you and your group to operate safely. If this is your first kayak excursion around Sitka, we recommend arranging a guided and narrated trip. They are a great way to have a local expert fill you in on the area’s sea-based secrets and points of interest. Both single and double seat kayaks are available to rent and group tours can easily be arranged.

While you will be expected to be the motor that powers your vessel, kayaking the waters around Sitka in no way require you to be an athlete. In fact, many people find this to be a very relaxing way to experience wildlife viewing and the great outdoors in a way that is unique, educational and fun for all.

Generally, you will tour the waterways in three and a half hours with snacks, hot drinks and camaraderie to follow. We would be more than happy to have you take advantage of our concierge service to answer any and all of your questions and help you arrange this wonderful opportunity to try something new or add to your list of kayaking trips. Fuel up with our scrumptious breakfast before you go and know that our hot tub will be ready for a relaxing soak once you return.

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